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My name is Marquis La Sean Brown Sr. I am a licensed barber and a licensed cosmetologist.

How did I get here? I am glad you ask that question. I was born in Chicago, raised in Lincoln Nebraska and Detroit. My mother took care of all of her five children (of which, I am the eldest) by herself. We had difficult times and at one point we stayed in a shelter. When I was 17 after receiving a bad haircut my mother bought me a pair of clippers and I began cutting hair.

Finally I was able to go to school and acquire my cosmetologist license. I wanted to be a professional. This career allows me to earn a living doing what I enjoy and that is helping people look and feel good about themselves.

Often people in shelters are unkept, unclean, hair uncombed and undone, looking and feeling uncomfortable, feeling hopeless. Their self esteem practically none existent. But getting a fresh hair do or hair cut can make such a difference. You can clearly see the smiles and the new glow on their faces. When you listen, you can hear their reactions. An example one lady said; “Oh! now I can go on that job interview and feel confident, cause I look so good. Thank you.” It is truly a miracle and a blessing for one to see.

Woow! What a wonderful reward it is for me to see and take part in this important transformation in people’s lives. Sometimes that’s enough to propel someone to do better, to look forward for something better, to feel better about themselves regardless of their situation but more importantly I want them to go out and do better. Receiving a job does a lot in restoring their hope and enables them to take more positive actions in their own life.

I believe first impressions are important. People want to look good, feel good, see themselves doing the right thing and making a contribution. For these reasons I propose to begin an internship program where people can be trained to become barbers and hair stylists. They’ll learn all the grooming technology available today in order to get their state license. Or maybe work in the health care industry or start their own business and make difference in someone’s life.

Thank you in advance for reading this request and helping me realize my dream to help people make a difference. Your contribution is greatly appreciated and can be made to the following address: 103 S. Coast Hwy. Oceanside, CA 92054.